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Express Water 5 Stage Undersink Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System Review

iSpring RCC7 WQA Gold Seal Certified 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System Review

Water filters are very helpful in filtering out harmful pollutants that should not enter the human body. So it is important that in choosing such product, you have to remember to verify first that the filter has some certification in eliminating contaminants. Some can remove only one kind of pollutant, thus, you need to be specific as to which filter you will purchase.

Combinations of technologies help some filters function more properly too, while others depend on just one. Speaking of the great water filters out there, the Express Water Filtration System can surely offer you all the help you need in water purification!


  • Comes with a limited warranty for a year
  • Encourages water consumption, lessens expenses and reduces the hassle to transport and dispose of huge water containers
  • Utilizes authentic reverse osmosis process that eliminates up to almost 100 percent of pollutants such as lead, arsenic, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, fluoride, virus, heavy metals and a thousand more contaminants
  • Includes a deluxe kitchen sink faucet to conveniently deliver purified water straight to your home
  • Its filters are long-lasting and have great capacity, beating other filters that are twice their price
  • There are high-quality fittings that quickly connect for easy installation
  • Got an NSF-certified storage tank


The Express Water Filtration System performs five stages to make sure you and your family drink safe and clean water. The first stage features the five-micron sediment filter wherein it is melt-blown with polypropylene micro fibers that are thermally bonded and 100 percent pure.

Contaminants like sediment, silt, coarse sand, dirt, scale, and rust are removed from the water. The filter in this stage truly has a high capacity for holding dirt which helps the whole product last longer.

The next stage introduces the granular activated carbon (GAC) filter cartridge which is composed of 100 percent pure coconut shell carbon. It also comes with a nominal micron rating of 5 um. In here, dirt, organic chemicals, unnatural odors and tastes, chlorine, suspended particles and other chemicals are eliminated from tap water.

The third stage presents the carbon block CTO which, like the GAC filter, is also made of 100 percent pure coconut shell carbon. However, it is in a ‘block’ construction. And again, just like the GAC filter, it also boasts a 5 um nominal micron rating as well and removes similar pollutants found in tap water.

The fourth stage features a reverse osmosis membrane with 50 GPD. It can filter up to 99 percent of health-related and aesthetic contaminants such as pesticides, cadmium, lead, bacteria, mercury, viruses and other solids totally dissolved in water.

The fifth and final stage utilizes the post-carbon inline quick connect filter or the polishing filter. It is called that way because it is the last stage of any typical reverse osmosis system. The said filter is comprised of great quality coconut shell carbon that stabilizes the taste of the water and removes any traces of bad odors and tastes.

Thus, with this detailed description of how this product filters water, you can be sure that you are in good hands. Plus, installing the water filter will not consume you too much time since it is designed with labeled quick connections and color-coordinated caps, matching their respective hoses. Also, you can do a simple replacement process, thanks to the housings being labeled to match their corresponding filter cartridges.


While the product sounds really promising, there is quite an issue with its maintenance. Some filter systems only require changing one or two filter cartridges regularly and flushing the system after and that’s it. But for this product, it looks like so much work.

Aside from replacing all the filters, you may need to regularly perform an extensive cleaning procedure which asks you to drain and dismantle the whole product.

On top of that, you have to wash the internal areas with water and soap and run a disinfectant on some parts. The manual does not even specify what type of disinfectant so it adds to the hassle of maintaining the whole thing.


Given its high positive ratings from the customers, the Express Water Filtration System is definitely recommended for home use. The manufacturers really made sure that the product has undergone rigorous tests to validate its quality excellence. Each and every component went through meticulous high water pressure testing to assure their endurance under regular working pressure.

The systems, on the other hand, have been checked for leaks with a test utilizing an air injection pressure. The said test makes sure that the product is free of leaks as it operates.

Then, the filter housings underwent cycle resistance testing before they were fully developed to guarantee that they will last long. With all of this being said, the Express Water Filtration System really deserves a five-star rating!

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